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"What's Your Story," aimed at strengthening the bonds within our law faculty and fostering a greater sense of connection and understanding. We invite you to participate and share your ongoing, present, or past narratives with us.

"What's Your Story" provides a platform for all law academics, administrative staff, and students to share their unique experiences, achievements, challenges, and personal growth journeys. We believe that every story holds value and has the power to inspire and motivate others within our community.

To participate, simply follow the link provided below to our dedicated online portal. There, you can share your story in a format that suits you best—whether it's a written piece, a photo essay, or even a short video. Your stories will be featured on our social media channels and website, allowing us to celebrate your achievements and highlight the diverse experiences within our law faculty.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to connect with your peers, gain insights into different career paths, showcase your research contributions, and recognize the dedication of our administrative staff. By sharing your story, you contribute to creating an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone's voice is valued.

Join us in building a stronger and more connected law community through the power of storytelling. Share your story today by clicking on the following:

Submit your story here

We look forward to hearing from you and celebrating the remarkable stories within our law faculty.

Last Update: 14/07/2023