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University of Malaya Malaysian Centre of Regulatory Studies


Established 2008

UMCoRS focuses on 4 key areas to promote better regulations and sustainable development.

  1. Issues in Corporate Governance and Trade:  Competition and Trade, Financial Regulation, Corporate Responsibility, Issues in Supply Chain Management.
  2. Regulatory Management and Communication:  Alternative Dispute Resolution, Health and Safety Regulation, Implications of Alternative Regulatory Instruments, Self Regulation and Management-based Regulation.
  3. Technology and Innovation:  Biotechnology, Intellectual Property, Data Protection, Media Policy and Regulation, Blockchain, Telecommunication.
  4. Environment and Developmental Issues:  Issues in Developmental Economics, Environmental Regulation, Impact Assessments.

Khazanah Nasional Chair 

An endowment received from Khazanah Nasional Berhad made the establishment of Khazanah Chair under UMCoRS possible. The key objective of the establishment of the Khazanah Nasional Chair is to enhance academic excellence in the area of Regulatory Studies at the University of Malaya and of the local academic community generally.

Training programs frequently organized by UMCoRS address Corporate Governance, Economic Regulations, Personal Data Protection Act, Intellectual Property Rights, Construction Contracts, Shipping Contracts, Oil and Gas Law, Competition Law, Corruption and Control, Doing Business in the U.S, Foreign Direct Investment and Communication & Negotiation Skills.

Social Impact

  1. To inculcate socially reflective regulations and regulatory studies 
  2. To cultivate and disseminate knowledge on regulation that is sensitive to social interest
  3. To integrate the interests of society and community in the study and formulation of law and policies relating to regulation and regulatory practice.

See the programmes we have in the pipeline at the UMCoRS home page.

Coordinator: Dr. Tie Fatt Hee

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Last Updated: 18/09/2019