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Programme Code : LIA

Upon completion of the programme, you will be conferred the Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree. The degree entitles its holder to be admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya/Sabah/Sarawak after going through a period of pupillage. The programme curriculum comprises both the academic as well as the professional components of legal training. 

The curriculum requires students to fulfil 160 credits within the minimum of 8 semesters and 1 special semester before being awarded the Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree. The 160 credits are divided into four levels – the First level, the Intermediate levels I and II and the Final level (Professional Level). Mooting and industrial training at law firms, courts and other legal bodies are compulsory to be completed preferably at the Intermediate Level I and Intermediate Level II of the curriculum.

The Final or Professional level places strong emphasis on practical legal training and comprises subjects such as Professional Practice, Advocacy, Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure and Evidence. 

Duration of Programme Study:
Minimum:            8 semesters & 1 special semester.
Maximum:           12 semesters


Last Update: 27/05/2024