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02 Nov 2019: Cells and AI: Ethical and Legal Challenges in Healthcare

Dr Sharon Kaur and Dr Mohammad Firdaus will be speaking at the forum on the Intersection of Law and Medicine Series at Doha on 2 November 2019. They will be addressing the topic of Stem Cells and AI: Ethical and Legal Challenges in Healthcare.

11 Sep 2019: Legal Tech: Powering Tomorrow’s Practices

Our panel discussion with Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill lawyers from various practice areas to explore the challenges and opportunities technological disruption is bringing to both the practice and to clients’ businesses. Further insights will be shared on:

  1. •Online Dispute Resolution
  2. •Practical Limitations of Technology
  3. •Key Traits Firms are Looking For in Tomorrow’s Lawyers

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21 Aug 2019. Consent for Global Mobile Phone-based Noncommunicable Disease Risk Factor Surveillance

Joseph Ali, JD, Berman Institute of Bioethics, John Hopkins University, US.


6 Aug 2019. Protection of Personal Data - The Experience of Telekom Malaysia Berhad

Puan Ainul Azlinda


4 July 2019. Integrity and Responsible Conduct of Research in Malaysia

The increase in the number of cases of research misconduct is a matter of grave concern in Malaysia.
In response to this, in 2017, the National Science Council launched the Malaysian Code of Responsible Conduct in Research as the main national guideline for research integrity in Malaysia.
This Code provides comprehensive guidelines on all aspects of research and also covers the responsibility of researchers, research entities and research funders in ensuring research integrity.


8 May 2019: Recent Copyright Developments In The United States

Recent Copyright Developments In The United States, and Access To Information In Libraries.
The doctrine of ‘fair use’ in copyright law, which allows the limited use of copyright materials without permission, is important to support teaching, research and scholarship. In this talk, Professor Tomas A. Lipinski will provide an overview of fair use in the copyright law of the United States of America. He will discuss recent cases involving full-text searching and data-mining, such as the Google, Inc. litigation, and examine how the decisions are applied in libraries and educational scenarios.


2 May 2019: Mapping the Malaysian Biobanking Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities

We explore the development of biobanking in Malaysia and the way forward to further strengthen this promising area.


25 Apr 2019: Data Protection Law in eHealth (UM eHealth Initiative - CELEST Joint Seminar)


16 Apr 2019: Ethics of Genome Editing (Organised by Faculty of Medicine, UM)

Getting the Ethics of Genome Editing Right:  Engaging Multiple perspectives.



1 Apr 2019: Meeting between CELEST and Faculty of Dentistry.

Application of Machine Learning to data for predicting stress-related biomarkers of hair shaft.


14 Dec 2018: STEM Cell Research (Organised by Faculty of Medicine)

STEM Cell Research.
Ethical and Regulatory Challenges.

27 Oct 2018: The 6th VIPP Roundtable


8 Oct 2018: UM eHealth Research Carnival (Organised by Faculty of Medicine)



1 Aug 2018: AI, A New Form of Life


20 Jul 2018: Data Sharing and Biobanking (Organised by Faculty of Medicine)

Ethical Issues in Data Sharing and Biobanking 


13 July 2018: eHealth Seminar 


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