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Centre for Law and Ethics in Science and Technology

Established 2017

The Centre for Law and Ethics in Science and Technology (CELEST) is a research centre at the Faculty of Law, Universiti Malaya. CELEST was previously known as the Centre of Excellence for Biodiversity Law (CEBLAW). This renaming initiative, which took place in 2017, was prompted by the transformative impact of rapid developments in science and technology on our daily lives and, more generally, the world around us. CELEST engages in and promotes research on the legal and ethical implications of the broad field of science and technology. It undertakes interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary research that integrate legal theories with practical application in diverse aspects of science and technology.

The Centre has researchers representing a wide variety of expertise, such as biodiversity law, cyberlaw, data protection law, energy law, environmental law, information and communications technology law, intellectual property law, law of the sea, media law, medical law and ethics, oil and gas law and nanotechnology law. The researchers are responsible for teaching courses in their areas of expertise in the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the Faculty of Law.

CELEST seeks collaboration with other researchers throughout the world who are interested to conduct research into the legal and ethical aspects of any of the areas within the field of science and technology.


  1. To undertake and promote legal research in areas that are relevant to science and technology.
  2. To foster linkages with bodies, national and international, working on areas relating to the law  and ethics in science and technology
  3. To be a resource centre on Malaysian law and ethics in science and technology.

Societal Impact

  1. The Centre's expertise is on the impact of science & technology on law & ethics .  
  2. It provides a platform for  researchers in Science and Technology to come together with those from Law to discuss the Ethical and Legal implications of their work.
  3. The Centre serves as a focal point for researchers from these disciplines seeking to collaborate with each other. An example is the collaboration between CELEST and the UM eHealth Initiative research group (consisting of researchers from the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology)
  4. The Centre releases a newsletter once every two months where researchers publish articles about their work.. The contents are delivered at a level which is easy to read for the lay person and disseminated mainly to UM campus community.

Contact: CELEST Administrator  : celest@um.edu.my

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