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What is Clinical Legal Education?

Clinical Legal Education is a progressive educational system most often implemented through university based faculty of law programs to help develop better trained, more socially conscious & ethical legal professionals. It is an educational system that can have far reaching positive societal affects. This includes interaction with various institutions, governmental and non- governmental organisations and bar council, thus having greater impact.

Clinical Legal Educational is an experiential based education whereby students learn by doing.  Through the experiential problem based solution model, students actively involved themselves in either real client/personal interaction or simulation lessons set up to mirror real client/personal scenarios. It is a highly effective means of adult learning where unlike in the traditional memorization situations, students can learn and retain a vast amount of what is taught through teaching others.

Clinical Legal Education at the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya

Currently there are two projects under Clinical Legal Education at Faculty of Law, University of Malaya:

1) Legal Aid Clinic known as Klinik Bantuan Guaman Universiti Malaya (KBGUM) please visit our website at https://kbg.um.edu.my/

2) Community Outreach Programme. 

Last Updated: 17/07/2019