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We are pleased to announce the following visiting academic(s);

Dr ONG, Rebecca

Dr. Rebecca Ong,

School of Law, City University of Hong Kong

6th Sept - 19th Sept 2019

December 2019

Dr. Rebecca Ong is an Associate Professor with the School of Law, City University of Hong Kong.   Her research interests include information technology law, data protection, privacy with allied interests in elder law and criminology. Her writings appear in international refereed law journals including International Journal of Psychiatry and Law, Asian Journal of Comparative Law, Asia Pacific Law Review, Computer Law and Security Review, Social and Legal Studies, Common Law World Review and International Review of Law Computers & Technology. She has published a monograph entitled “Mobile Communications and the Protection of Children” by Leiden University Press and a practitioner/student book on “A Guide to Wills & Probate Practice in Hong Kong” by Sweet & Maxwell Thomson Reuters.

She has three on-going research projects the first is with the Research Grant Council of Hong Kong for HK$559,920 for “Enhancing corporate and organizational information security practices with a framework for data breach notification”, the second, a University grant for “Gaining Patient’s Trust in the Era of Health Record Sharing” for HK$100,000 and the third, a School’s Strategic Research Grant for “Cyber-security: Is this the New Director’s Duty?” for HK$100,000.

Dr. Ong has also completed three University Teaching Development Grants. 

Dr. Ong teaches Law of Equity & Trust, Law of Succession on the Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctor programme and Wills and Probate Practice on the Post Graduate Certificate in Laws programme. 

Last Updated: 18/09/2019