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Bachelor of Jurisprudens

Programme Code: LIB

Bachelor of Jurisprudence [B.Juris] is an academic degree and does not include the study of
procedural and practical courses. This degree is recognised by the Public Service Department (JPA)
and the Malaysian Legal Profession Qualification Board as qualifying degree holders to take the
Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP).

Holders of this degree who wish to enter the legal profession must comply with the additional
requirements set by the Legal Profession Qualification Board in accordance with the Legal Profession
Act 1976.

Examinations for this degree will be held once every year at Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.
Students can answer exam question papers in either Bahasa Malaysia or English.
A student is considered to have registered for the B.Juris Degree when he or she has met all the
requirements, whatever their form, set by the University, and in addition, has paid the fees.
Students of the Bachelor of Jurisprudence degree programme are required to make their own
preparations for learning and tuition fees. They are required to fully prepare for the exam with self-study.

Students of the Bachelor of Jurisprudence degree programme are allowed to use the Universiti Malaya
Law Library to obtain information and facilities provided in the library after paying the library fee.

Duration of Programme Study
Minimum:            3 Years
Maximum:           7 Years

Organisation Chart

Program Coordinator

Dr. Sik Cheng Peng
+603 7967 6541

Assistant Registrar

Puan Siti Wirni Mohamed


Administrative Assistant Officer

Puan Zulaikha Othman

Administrative Assistant

Sabiha Amalin Saharuddin

Administrative Assistant

Iskandar Al Barrei
+603 7967 6505

  • SPM with Honors in five (5) subject including Bahasa Malaysia/Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Melayu (July Paper)
  • Bahasa Inggeris and three other subjects (the result must be in one slip) AND
  • Pass STPM with at least CGPA 2.00 and with at least grade C (2.00) in Pengajian Am and grade C (2.00) in any other two (2) subjects. OR
  • Pass Matriculation Ministry of Education/Foundation from Public University (UA) with at least a minimum of 2.00 OR
  • Pass A-Level with at least grade C in three (3) subjects OR
  • Diploma approved by the Government of Malaysia OR
  • A degree or an equivalent qualification approved by the Government of Malaysia OR
  • At least five years of working experience in the relevant field AND
  • Candidates are considered suitable and able to follow the study program by the faculty admission selection committee



1. Is the Bachelor of Jurisprudence a full time programme?
Bachelor of Jurisprudence is a full time programme. It is conducted based on a one-year period per session.

2. Where is the Bachelor of Jurisprudence conducted?
Introductory lectures (compulsory) are conducted in person at the Faculty of Law, Universiti Malaya. Additional and revision lectures (optional with fees) are conducted online.

3. What is the duration for students to complete this programme?
Minimum 3 years, maximum 7 years.

4. What is the mode of study for this programme?
This is a coursework program, whereby students will sit for a class test, which carries 40% of the total marks and final examination, which carries 60% of the total marks.

5. I have made an online application, how can I check the status of my application?
Kindly login to your registered online application account to check your application status via https://maya.um.edu.my/sitsvision/wrd/siw_lgn

6. I am facing an error in accessing student login portal. What should I do?
Please try the suggested option stated on the login portal. If you still face difficulties, please send us an enquiry including your full name and student id number at juris_eksternal@um.edu.my

7. Who can I contact if I have questions about my application?
You can contact us at 03-79676504 / 6505 or send us an email at juris_eksternal@um.edu.my


Sharifa Binti Muhammad Zahabar

"The Bachelor of Jurisprudence programme is designed in such a way that it is ideal for mature students or working adults like myself. It has provided me with the opportunity to pursue a professional legal degree in Malaysia. Weekend lectures and exams are scheduled to accommodate the needs of those who work. Without a doubt, the lecturers are friendly and understanding of the difficulties we face while juggling work, family, and studies. This programme has allowed me to connect with peers from various fields. It was a wonderful journey for me, and I greatly enjoyed it. I strongly recommend this programme, especially for working adults who want to learn law from Malaysia's best law school."

Low Yeow Yang

"The thought of attaining a law degree is close to impossible for any working adults, more so for those who are constantly faced with hectic work schedule such as the professionals in the healthcare, legal or engineering industries. UM’s BJuris Programme has however changed that perception of mine and made it possible for people like me to do just that. The optional tuition/lectures were conducted in the weekends to accommodate the tight schedule of working adults. On top of that, the UM lecturers are very knowledgeable in their respective field, and they always go extra mile to ensure the students can grasp the knowledge delivered. Moreover, the programme is structured to cover all the fundamentals one needs to understand in the legal field regardless of the professions one is in as the students come from very diverse backgrounds. I am also grateful to have the opportunity to make new friends with policymakers, doctors, engineers, bankers, insurers, or even human resource executives through this programme. With that, it has expanded my horizon beyond the legal field, including these other areas through the exchanges of opinions during group discussions. All in all, I find the experience in this programme enjoyable!"

Last Update: 16/04/2024