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WE ARE 50 YEARS OLD THIS YEAR!  1972-2022!


On the 21st of April 1972, barely just over a decade after the establishment of the University of Malaya, the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya, was established.  There was no pomp or ceremony, but a quiet entrance of one of the premier law schools today in the country began with humble beginnings, without even a place to call its own.  The generosity of the Mathematics Faculty in sharing its building will always be etched in our memories.  To start operations, the founding Dean, the late Tan Sri Dato’ Professor Ahmad Ibrahim, was appointed in August 1972,  and the doors opened in September 1972,  to admit highly excited and enthusiastic 50 budding “lawyers”, the very first batch who graduated in 1976, and to this day, we hope are still filled with the zest and gusto that embraced them that September, 1972, when they started their studies. 

This pioneer batch of the Faculty of Law, were the very first “lawyers” who received their scrolls from the Chancellor in 1976.  Today 50 years on from its inception, the Faculty has flourished from a mere intake of 50 students in the first year 1972, to 160 undergraduate students per year (internal students),  450 postgraduate students (internal and remote)  out of which 110 are PhD candidates, and about 308 (external students).   

In conjunction with the 50th Golden Anniversary Jubilee Celebrations, the Faculty of Law has lined up a number of programmes.   We would like the former graduates of the Faculty of Law to kindly get back in touch with us, and to participate in as many of our programmes as we have planned for the whole of this year in order to make our 50th Anniversary a triumphant and brilliant year to be etched in our memories and to be passed on to the generations who will walk through the doors of the Faculty. 

Please follow our events planned on the website and on our Facebook page.  The addresses are given below. Please watch this page for our further announcements to our graduates.  Thank you!                                                       

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Last Update: 10/08/2022