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AIAC Lecture Series 2019. Lecture 2

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Asian International Arbitration Centre – Faculty Of Law, University Of Malaya Lecture Series

We are pleased and honoured to inform that the AIAC, our collaborator and partner, has very kindly agreed to deliver a module of lectures to our students, LLM (Arbitration) and Final Year Students (Year 2019).  We look forward to further collaborations with our partner institutions. 

Second lecture: How to write a valid arbitration award – what is needed to avoid an appeal to the courts

26th November 2019.   Ms Tatiana Polevshchikova - Deputy Head of Legal Services delivered a lecture to our LLM students on "Enforcement of International Arbitration Awards". It was an exciting lecture and she gave a lot of insights into international arbitration, and how it works, and how the awards face challenges in enforcement in certain jurisdictions.

Last Updated: 02/12/2019