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Masters Programmes - Master of Criminal Justice [backup1]


Master of Criminal Justice (Coursework)

This program consists of coursework only.
The Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ) is a multidisciplinary programme offered by the Faculty of Law with the cooperation of the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Guest lecturers from outside the University will also be invited to teach from time to time.
This programme fulfils the need to train professional and skilled personnel who are involved in the criminal justice system. It is suitable not only for training practitioners in the Malaysian criminal justice system but also practitioners from overseas.

  1. Possess in depth knowledge on the concepts, principles and practice of Criminal Justice
  2. Are capable of undertaking research in Criminal Justice
  3. Appreciate ethical principles and values in Criminal Justice and are aware of their social responsibility.

Career options in a variety of organizations such as :

  1. A private law firm
  2. A bar association
  3. A law school
  4. A legal clinic

Candidate might also pursue one of these law-related careers :

  1. In communications
  2. In computer and technology law
  3. Consulting with a law firm
  4. In education
  5. In law enforcement
  6. In politics
  7. In banking and financial services


Core courses

 LQC7001 – Research Methodology

3 credits

 LQC7002 – Research Project

9 credits

 LQC7003 – Sociology of Crime and Criminal Behaviour

4 credits


Elective courses

  • Select 7 Elective Courses

LQC7004 – Forensic Medicine

4 credits

LQC7005 – Criminal Law

4 credits

LQC7006 – Law of Evidence

4 credits

LQC7007 – Forensic Science

4 credits

LQC7008 – Administration of Criminal Justice

4 credits

LQC7009 – Victimology

4 credits

LQC7010 – Juvenile Justice and Welfare

4 credits

LQC7011 – Human Rights

4 credits

  1. Bahasa Malaysia Requirement for Malaysian
    1. Pass in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)

  2. Bahasa Malaysia Requirement for Non-Malaysian
    1. Required to attend at a satisfactory level and pass a course in Bahasa Malaysia conducted by the University before being conferred the Degree

  3. English Language Requirement for Non-Malaysian
    1. TOEFL – score 550; or
    2. IELTS (Academic) – band 6.00; or
    3. Pass English Language course offered by University of Malaya (UMCCed) ; or
    4. Possesses a degree or degrees from a university or an institution of higher education where the medium of instruction is in English language.


(Applicants with a Bachelor of Laws degree with CGPA below 2.50 will not be considered for admission.)

Applicants for this MCJ programme at the University of Malaya must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. A Bachelor’s degree with honours with CGPA of 3.0 and above or its equivalent; or

  2. A Bachelor’s degree with honours with CGPA from 2.70 to 2.99 or its equivalent and one (1) of the criteria below, or:
    1. relevant work experience;
    2. publication in the relevant field;
    3. applicant is a scholarship holder;
    4. applicant is a University of Malaya graduate.

  3. A Bachelor’s degree with honours with CGPA from 2.50 to 2.69 and two (2) of the criteria below:
    1. relevant work experience;
    2. publication in a relevant field;
    3. applicant is a scholarship holder;
    4. applicant is a University of Malaya graduate.

Candidates begin in September (Semester I)

Apply here.

Fees are to be paid progressively based on courses taken each Semester.

Citizen: RM 13,692 Fee Structure for Citizen.

Non-Citizen: RM 29,945 Fee Structure for Non-Citizen.

Last Updated: 08/01/2020