Asean LIP (Asean Legal Information Portal), an Access to Law initiative accessible at, is an online platform that facilitates free, easy and meaningful access to Southeast Asian legal information.

By aggregating and publishing up-to-date legal information from authentic sources from across Southeast Asia, Asean LIP aims to:

  • support effective doing of business, particularly cross-border trade and commerce, with and within the Region;
  • encourage legal research and scholarship, comparative legal thought, and harmonization of laws;
  • assist Southeast Asian countries and their agencies to effectively publicize legal information, help them educate their people on rights and responsibilities, and thus contribute to the promotion of Rule of Law and Access to Justice throughout the Region;
  • empower legal, tax and other professionals to keep their respective outputs current, relevant and value-effective.

Asean LIP undertakes to ensure that (a) the information it publishes is authentic, is gathered from the original source(s), and the integrity of its contents is maintained at all times, and (b) the information is published in a style and language that can be understood by most prospective readers including common men and women speaking one or more of the regional languages.

Asean LIP, jointly promoted by the University of Malaya and Muttath Knowledge Management Services (MKMS), envisages the active convergence of the regional legal, tax and business communities. It is a collaborative effort and brings together the key stakeholders of the regional legal, tax and business industries. The Promoters partner with some of the leading regional law schools, and work with judiciaries, ministries of law/ justice, offices of attorney generals and news agencies of Southeast Asian nations.

Legal information on Asean LIP is, and always will be, free. On this, Asean LIP is inspired by the Montreal Declaration on Free Access to Law.

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Last Update: July 17, 2017